Don Broco have released a new single, ‘One True Prince’

By August 6, 2021 Culture, News

Don Broco have released their new single ‘One True Prince’, taken from the forthcoming new album Amazing Things, which will be released on the 17th September via Sharptone Records.

The track sees Don Broco shine a light on their slower and more immersive side, presenting the band in a completely new way. Colossal guitars, thunderous drums and enchanting vocals dance together in a captivating ebb and flow, channeling their inner Deftones to paint a detailed and evocative picture with a stunning sonic palette.

The accompanying video complements the expansive vibe, set in the very centre of a vast and desolate landscape. As the band musically explore their sound the video’s protagonist explores their beautiful surroundings, traversing the unknown terrain in search of something completely out of this world.

Lead singer Rob Damiani comments, “’One True Prince’ is about finding comfort in the fact that whatever you’re going through and however bad it may feel, nothing lasts forever. 

“In these moments I try to remind myself how insignificant I am. Just one person amongst billions, on a rock orbiting a dying star, in a universe that will eventually implode on itself. 

“And when my problems are put in perspective, it’s about celebrating that despite the little time we have in this world we are still capable of creating so much beauty and happiness. We’re about to do amazing things.”

The new single follows the release of their ferocious album opener ‘Gumshield’, which explores the pitfalls of social media, specifically the damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t nature of taking a position on issues online. The video is another spectacular, with Damiani stepping into the boxing ring against UK British Heavyweight champion Dave ‘White Rhino’ Allen.