Don’t Panic launch Wellcome Collection competition

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By May 25, 2010 May 6th, 2013 Culture

Don’t Panic are looking for a design to celebrate the Wellcome Collection‘s ‘Skin‘ exhibition which will take place at 183 Euston Road, London on Thursday, July 22.


The show is about peeling back the layers of skin to discover what’s beneath. The idea is that viewers should let their imaginations run wild with the anatomical workings of their bodies.

Organs, dissections, skeletons, guts, nerves bundles, veins – get your thinking caps on to illustrate what’s beneath our skin and display the internal on the external.”

The winning design will be tattooed onto Don’t Panic‘s volunteer, Caisa Ederyd at the exhibition, and the winner will receive a cash prize of £100.

Caisa advises: “I’d like it to have something to do with body organs such as hearts, lungs, guts and blood. This is because I think the inside of the body is interesting, beautiful and, sadly, because my dad died from a heart condition a few years ago.”

The winner will also get a free tattoo by a top London tattoo artist, their artwork on 60K posters and win a year’s free membership to the Wellcome Collection Club.

The competition closes on Friday 25 June. For more information, and to submit entries, visit this link.

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