Gorillaz to perform Song Machine Live From Kong this weekend

By December 8, 2020 Culture, News

‘Tis the season of festive fun! Gorillaz Song Machine Live From Kong is coming to LIVENow on the 12th and 13th of December. Three different live performances, set in the basement of Kong Studios this coming weekend. Watch from the comfort of home and experience the joy of an all-out, full scale production blending exciting real time performance and Jamie Hewlett animation.  The Gorillaz 14-piece band, led by Damon Albarn with 2D, Noodle, Murdoc Niccals and Russel Hobbs, will also be joined by some very special guest artists.

Song Machine Live From Kong is a treat for fans around the world.  Three unique live performances of music from Gorillaz’ acclaimed new album Song Machine Season One: Strange Timez, plus favourites from the Gorillaz songbook.  Anything can happen and no matter where you are in the world, there’s a show start-time to suit. Song Machine Live will take us into the basement of Kong Studios for an immersive, one-of-a-kind, holiday grotto lock-in.

The Gorillaz live band features  Damon Albarn, Seye Adelekan (bass), Jesse Hackett (keys), Remi Kabaka (percussion), Femi Koleoso (drums), Mike Smith (Musical Director/ keys), Karl Vanden Bossche (percussion), Jeff Wootton (guitar), with Matt Allen, Rebecca Freckleton, Petra Luke, Michelle Ndegwa, Ade Omotayo and Angel Williams-Silvera on backing vocals.

Song Machine Live From Kong is a Gorillaz Production, produced by Eleven Mgmt in collaboration with Block 9 and Pulse Films. Each larger than life, live show is brought to you by LIVENow, home to amazing live experiences – virtual concerts, workouts, guided meditations, sports, talks and more – to enjoy at home.

Where To Get Tickets:

Visit www.gorillazlivenow.com and pick the showtime that suits you best.  Pick a package; a single show costs £15, watch all three with a round-the-world ticket for £30 or buy four tickets and share the joy with three friends in a virtual party room.  Keep the confirmation email, as this has a link to the event, just click it when the time comes. 

How To Watch:

Open your confirmation email, click the event link, sign in, sit back and enjoy.  If prone to forgetting usernames and passwords, do this half an hour before in case you need to reset!

You can also go direct to www.live-now.com, sign in, click on Gorillaz Presents Song Machine Live on the homepage and wait for the event to begin.

Watch With Friends:

If you bought the digital party pack, share the event links from the confirmation email with your friends before the event to give them time to create a free account on LIVENow.

If you know people with tickets you can watch Song Machine Live From Kong with up to three of them too.  In the event page, click ‘Start Room’ under the Watch Together icon.  Follow the instructions to create a virtual hangout, click each ‘Invite Friend’ icon to get a unique link to your room and email over to the friends you want to watch with.  Enable your cameras so you can see their expressions of joy as you watch Song Machine Live From Kong!