Hammerfest IV adds 17 new bands to the Book of the Dead line-up

By February 2, 2014 December 25th, 2016 Culture, News

What’s better than Pontin’s? Don’t answer that. A lot of things are. What’s a LOT better than Pontin’s, and many other things? That’s right, the metal Pontin’s that is Hammerfest IV. And now 17 diverse bands have been added to the line-up.



Now on the bill are these stunning metal bands:  Avatar, Feed The Rhino, Savage Messiah, Attica Rage, Honour is Dead, Sworn Amongst, Cyclamen, The Vintage Caravan, SKAM, Throne, Desert Storm, One For Sorrow, Druganaut, Toranaga, Death Valley Knights, Primitai, Imicus.