Jesse Neo Releases Beats Marketplace ‘Gemtracks’

By February 23, 2020 Culture, News

British-Australian singer, songwriter, producer and DJ, Jesse Neo is the latest artist to move into the technology sector with the release of his online beats marketplace, Gemtracks.

You probably have heard Neo’s songs being blasted across radio stations in the UK and Europe. Perhaps you may have seen his music headlined in major publications such asThe Huffington Post. However, today, the 22-year-old is here to spill the beans about his new digital venture.

“I’ve been composing and playing classical music since I was a kid,” the 22-year-old told us. “However, it wasn’t until 2017 when I released my first EDM single, ‘Sex Magic’ that I considered myself in the music industry, and coincidently, began to make a name for myself.”

According to the singer, right after his debut, record labels and huge YouTube music channels invited him to compose beats and instrumental music for them. He was receiving so much requests that he eventually relocated to Los Angeles to be closer to the industry.

“I was literally on the phone and computer 24/7 as brands across the world requested beat samples from me,“ the singer recalled. “It got to the point I wasn’t even able to celebrate Mother’s Day without being rudely interrupted by the ringing of my phone. Then an idea hit my mind. Why not create a website where I could showcase my music and allow potential labels and customers to purchase them directly.”

Feeling entrepreneurial, Neo launched Gemtracks and suddenly realised it was the best thing he ever did. Beats were being sold between $99 and $599. We learnt that the main selling point of Gemtracks was the fact each beat can only be sold once, giving them a unique exclusiveness. This also means the customer becomes the new copyright owner.

“I couldn’t believe I didn’t come up with this idea sooner,” Neo continued. “Soon, all my producer friends were showing interest in the platform and were encouraging me to turn it into a marketplace so anyone could list their music and make a few bucks.”

The Australian singer quickly took charge and teamed up with some musical friends and computer scientists to make it happen. Today, the website has more than 500 beats on sale.

We had a look through the website and became transfixed by the variety of musical genres available. There is also a section featuring educational articles to inspire upcoming artists. Some of the articles that caught our eyes include 1,000 Songwriting Prompts and How to Create a Music Video Storyboard, among others.

When asked about future plans for Gemtracks, Neo replied, “I am hopiong to expand Gemtracks to not only sell beats but allow artists to book sessions in recording studios. The vision is to turn Gemtracks into the ultimate destination for musicians where they can go through their creative journeys with all the services and products they need, right under one roof.”

If you are a beat maker or someone looking to purchase beats, head over to Gemtracks now.

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