Rob Zombie talks H2 movie

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By April 10, 2009 June 14th, 2013 Culture
According to The Pulse of Radio, Rob Zombie spoke with on Wednesday about writing and directing H2, the sequel to his hit 2007 remake of ‘Halloween’, which is shooting now near Atlanta, Georgia.
Already controversial to fans is the revelation that serial killer Michael Myers spends nearly 75 per cent of the movie not wearing his iconic mask. Zombie acknowledged that he’s taking more creative liberties this time. He said:
“This is not a remake of (1981’s) ‘Halloween II’; this is totally my thing, my story. After I made’Halloween’, I was totally burned out. I said I’d never make a sequel. But after every record, every tour, I say the same thing.”

For more information visit Rob Zombie’s Myspace and the Halloween website.

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