’s best tracks of 2010!

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Hi there, dear readers! It’s been a great year, and we are steaming ahead with lots of new developments for 2011. As always, we really appreciate your support and we love you very much! The team here at Soundspheremag HQ has chosen some of the best tracks of this year for you…please let us know what you think!



Dom Smith [Editor] picks: Kid Adrift – ‘Oxytocin’



Kieran Schlechter [Webmaster] picks: Die Antwoord – ‘Enter The Ninja’


Jamie Mahon [Print Design] picks: Flaming Lips – ‘I Can Be A Frog’



Craig Slaney [Features Editor / Snapper] picks: Apologies, I Have None – ‘Sat In Vicky Park’


Helen Gilroy [Writer / Snapper] picks: Rammstein – ‘Frühling In Paris’



Sahar Siddiqui-Wardle [Writer] picks: Thirty Seconds To Mars – ‘This Is War’



Giles Moorhouse [Writer] picks: The Wombats – ‘Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)’




Dan Buckley [Writer] picks: Atari Teenage Riot – ‘Activate!’



Rhiannon Williams [Writer] picks: Deftones – ‘Rocket Skates’



Charlotte Clisby [Writer] picks: Crystal Castles – ‘Not In Love (featuring Robert Smith)’



Steve Nash [Writer] picks: Thrice – ‘In Exile’



Lauren Lenore [Writer] picks: Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – ‘Love Turns To Hate’




Reg Davey [Writer] picks: Freakangel – ‘My Darling Bullet’


Cyrus Crashtest [Digital Art and Media] picks: Global Citizen – ‘Early Morning Star’


Satvir Bhamra [Writer / Snapper] picks: Bring Me The Horizon – ‘It Never Ends’



Adam Peeroo [Snapper] picks: Deftones – ‘Sextape’


Martin Guttridge Hewitt [Writer] picks: Bot’Ox – ‘Babylon By Car’


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