Top 3 iconic casino scenes in movies

By May 28, 2013 July 5th, 2016 Blogs, Culture, Something Alternative

One of the classic characters in film history is the spy, James Bond. There have been many movies made around this character with various actors through the years used to play the title role. In many of these movies, there have been iconic casino scenes. The additional of casinos to these films has added to the excitement as well as helping characterize Bond as someone who takes risks in more ways than one.

Casino Royale

The film Dr. No was the first Bond film and features the opening scene within a casino. Bond is seated at the table playing chemin-de-fer with the first ever Bond girl. It is here that Bond utters his trademark introduction of “Bond, James Bond.”

Goldeneye, the 1995 James Bond film, also includes a casino scene. The film is set in Monte Carlo so including the casino there was a natural fit. Here, Bond plays baccarat with a beautiful assassin.

Casino Royale features probably the most iconic casino scene. In this movie, Bond is pitted against his rival, Le Chiffre, in a high stakes poker game. Bond ends up winning the game with a hand that was definitely a long shot. He walks away with a million dollars that could have easily fallen in the hands of the evil terrorist.

Many of these scenes inspire viewers to take up casino gaming for the first time. Today, this can be easily done by playing at an online casino such as Jackpot City. Poker is one game that some people like to learn to play. There are different variations of poker which you can find at online casino sites like One of these is draw poker.

With this kind of poker, players can return cards to be dealt new ones with the intent of improving upon their hand. Stud poker is just the opposite as players do not exchange unwanted cards for new ones.