TOVA Drop Debut EP “Happy Music For Sad People”; Release Video For “Land Of The Living”

By August 27, 2021 Culture, News

Off-kilter UK rockers TOVA have today launched their ambitious debut EP, “Happy Music For Sad People“, and released a video for lead track Land Of The Living.

Land Of The Living is the first step into the world TOVA have created within their debut EP. The video sees vocalist Jack attempting normality whilst staggering under the weight of his own mind. The macabre bath scenes act as a glimpse into the world he has escaped into, only to find that escapism in this situation has proved to be more terrifying and intense than the reality he struggles to navigate.

Happy Music For Sad People” Track Listing:

1. Free Entry
2. Land Of The Living
3. Melancholy
4. Happy People

“‘Happy Music For Sad People’ began as a way to help cope. Throughout the last 13 months these songs have given us a place to escape into. I desperately wanted the lyricism of ‘Happy Music For Sad People’ to take me to a place so far removed from real life that I couldn’t possibly think about my own issues, however, it did not work. What happened instead was that I created a narrative in which I could challenge my depression and addiction and personify these problems as characters in an on-going story. 

It is my hope that ‘Happy Music For Sad People’ can further challenge the stigma surrounding mental illness and break down toxic-masculinity that plagues men and destroys the lives of themselves and the people around them.”