Video: Enter Shikari – ‘Anaesthetist’

By Dom Smith
By January 6, 2015 Culture, News

Straight out of the blocks for 2015, Enter Shikari unveil ‘Anaesthetist’, the latest track to be released from their forthcoming album ‘The Mindsweep’ (out January 19, 2015).



“We seem to have reached a stage of such capitalistic fervour, that we believe it acceptable to punish people for ill health. By charging for healthcare we act as if illness is nothing but one’s own problem, but what is the purpose and advantage of ‘civilisation’ if it is not helping the most vulnerable within society? The lottery of birth can offer us a wealth of bad luck when it comes to our health and the safety nets are being pulled in as the desire to boost profit overtakes the desire to help people.”

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