DZ Deathrays Announce New Album R.I.F.F and release new single ‘Tuff Luck’

By Dom Smith
By April 6, 2023 Culture, News

DZ Deathrays ecstatically announce their fifth album today, R.I.F.F. due for release on June 2. With the news, the group launch their own record label, DZ Worldwide with their latest arresting single ‘Tuff Luck’, ahead of their upcoming tour supporting Regurgitator.

On the eve of their sixth studio album, DZ reveal, “It feels amazing to finally be able to announce that our new album R.I.F.F is going to be released. This album has been a different approach to recording for us, using multiple studios and bedrooms split across Brisbane and Sydney. We really took our time with this album, reworking songs along the way making it the longest recording process we have ever done, close to 2 years. What it’s ended up as is one of our most raucous and fun records yet revisiting some of the flavours of Blood Lovely whilst adding a new style of production for us.”

‘Tuff Luck’ sets the scene for DZ Deathrays’ latest album based on a singular riff melody. Scratching the periphery of the record’s unchartered territory, with crashing drums and gruff growling synths, ‘Tuff Luck’ is just another display of DZ’s indispensable anthem-ability. Equally at home soundtracking a Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner cartoon or Formula 1 grand prix; bound by oscillating percussion and vocals that usher a contemporary doomsday hymn.

Shane Parsons shares, “I’ve always been the type of musician who loves to jam as many ideas into a song as possible but on this one, I wanted to challenge myself and focus on one bassline and work as many lyric ideas around that one idea as possible. It’s weird you can have fun saying that we have royally fucked up. The drums in this song are some of the best on the album, chopped it up alongside samples and treated them with different effects depending on where they came from.”

Featuring their recent string of releases in ‘Paranoid’ and ‘King B’, R.I.F.F. is DZ Deathrays’ most experimental, enhanced and immediately resonant record yet, boasting a consistent finesse as it stands by their roots with a modern, high definition sheen. Throughout, Shane Parsons, Simon Ridley and Lachlan Ewbank balance that same playful joy and anarchy of the rock that doting parents vouch to instil in their children’s musical vernacular, as they demonstrate a tactful canvas of their own discography, building exploratory micro-worlds with touches of post-punk, surf rock, synth, Brit-pop, hardcore, garage and more.

Reflective of DZ Deathrays’ long-cemented space in contemporary Australian music as a necessity, their mainstay status includes fans in critically acclaimed, award-winning artists like Mark Ronson, MAY-A, Nerve, Ecca Vandal and more. “These songs are ready for the stage and feel good with the volume up. All under the band’s mantra of why we do this,” they continue. On R.I.F.F., DZ promise a place to return to whenever, wherever; a forever home just like the classics do. To inspire listeners to ignite a passion in themselves to continue to challenge and strive, making sure to always Remember It’s For Fun.





Hope For The Best

Tuff Luck


Shadow Walk

King B

My Mind Is Eating Me Alive

Grounded Or Dead

Eat You Up

Slow Down Interlude

Love & Destruction

No Talk