Exclusive: Listen to Mallavora’s explosive new tune, ‘Disorder’

By Dom Smith
By March 3, 2023 Culture, News

Mallavora have today premiered the music video for their new single ‘Disorder’, the lead track from their upcoming EP, exclusively with Soundsphere.

‘Disorder’ is a blistering show of power and strength from fierce Bristol rock outfit Mallavora. A brave and vulnerable take on the difficult aspects of the disabled experience, the track is highly energetic and totally uncompromising. The track was released on 17th February 2023 and went viral on TikTok. ‘Disorder’ has since been played on BBC Radio 1.


After two and a half minutes, the listener is left gasping for air from the Wargasm and Nova Twins-inspired package of poignant lyrics, earth-shaking riffs and relentless energy. The track is in-keeping with the theme of identity that overarches Mallavora’s upcoming EP ‘Origins’, which will be released in May 2023. ‘Disorder’ explores vocalist Jess Douek’s experience with disability: “Although I am proud to be a disabled artist, living with a disability can be really difficult. From all the medical gaslighting and the fury at my pain not being taken seriously, to the internal battles and immense grief of coming to terms with my situation – I channelled all my rage and frustration into this track.

I think ‘Disorder’ tackles a subject that you don’t hear spoken about much. I am overwhelmed by the support, with countless
comments from other disabled people who say the song makes them feel seen and empowered.” Mallavora created the artwork and music video for ‘Disorder’ with a small team of disabled creators. Jess explains: “It was really important to us that we worked with as many disabled creators as we could, particularly for this track. I’m really proud of what we made together, and I think the theme of the lyrics is represented perfectly in the artwork and music video.”

Mallavora have an exciting year ahead of them, with the release of their second EP, an EP launch party headline show in Bristol on 20th May, and summer festival debuts which will be announced soon.