Find out more about 19Point4, and Hull’s vibrant fashion community

By Katie Lovatt
By February 19, 2023 Hull, News

19point4 is an independent homeware and fashion lifestyle store in Hull’s Fruit Market located on Humber Street. Humber Street is a popular location for local people and tourists as it is right near the marina and is home to many different bars, shops, and cafes. 19point4 is owned by Shaun who has a history of fashion, specifically womenswear and a keen eye for detail with a passion for all things unique, colourful, and different. This is made obvious when entering the store as it is full of quirky ornaments, clothes, jewellery and much more.

There will be something for everyone in 19point4 and it is a perfect place to find something that you would not usually find in a mainstream store, and this is what Shaun is most proud of. Shaun really likes the sense of community that comes with being independent down Humber Street as everyone talks to each other and helps each other out.

19point4 has survived through various lockdowns and is still pushing through with today’s climate. Shaun believes it is important more than ever to support local independents and is grateful for the customers and the diversity that the location of his store brings. The store is open Wednesday to Saturday 10am-5pm and Sundays 10am-4pm.

I managed to sit down and talk to Shaun in 19point4 and he told me what the best thing about being independent is:

“I buy a lot of smaller independent brands as well, so it’s helping them out. It’s a bit more personal being an independent shop. You can get to know your customers, I think that’s the nicest thing for me, being able to build those relationships with people, find out what they like and bounce off one another.”

Shaun also tells us why it’s so important to support independent businesses:

“I think specially independent retail, it offers something that’s not everywhere else on the high street, like you can go into high street shops and go from one to the next, to the next and it’s all the same. I think independents keep the high street interesting and supporting them is a way to keep the high street alive. I think when you look around towns and cities, a lot of it is getting more and more independent because the bigger brands are all about profits if they are not making money they will just disappear.”

Shaun discusses the positives of being located on Humber street:

“I think it’s a really good area, we have a good mixture of retail and leisure with all the bars and restaurants and we are like a little community, we all get on, we’re all friends.”

Shaun reflects on some of the highlights of his career leading up to owning his own retail store:

“Straight from university I started working as a womenswear designer which was really lucky, I did that for 6 years and then I got made redundant and that’s when I opened the shop. I think the highlight of the shop for me was after the lockdowns because during the lockdown period I had a bit of a rethink about stuff. That time of being closed gave me time to re-evaluate and rebrand the whole shop and completely re-vamp it.”

Of course with anything there are challenges along the way, I asked Shaun what his own challenges have been:

“The biggest challenge is getting started and getting people through the door when you first open because people can be a bit nervous and reluctant if they don’t know what it is. Also finding and keeping suppliers that aren’t going out of business because a lot of the smaller ones have, so then you’ve got to find new ones.”

Any advice for others?

“Have an idea of what you want and stick to it, obviously you have to adjust. You have got to be enthusiastic about it, it is hard work, so you’ve got to be dedicated to it. Once you get past all the hurdles, it is worth it and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Visit 19point4 at 26 Humber Street, Hull.

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