Game Review: WWE 2K16 [PS4]

By November 11, 2015 Reviews, Video Games / Gaming

Wrestling has kind of stayed with me since my youth. The games have too – I mean, I’ve watched an played WWE games in various forms since before my teen years, and I’m nearly 30 now, and I can say, wihout a shadow of a doubt that this year’s 2k16 instalment of the WWE gaming franchise is the best yet, for me as a proper wrestling fan at least.

Stone Cold


Being able to play as the new breed of exciting WWE talent like NXT upstarts Kevin Owens, Finn Balor (probably the best new performer to feature) and Enzo Amore this year more than makes up for the lazy old-school casting of Stone Cold in the Showcase Mode. I know, I know, I like Stone Cold as much as the next guy and it’ll be fun to play through some of his great battles with the likes of err…Dude Love, but I personally don’t think he should have been the focus of this year’s game. Personally, and I know this is an unpopular choice too, I’d probably have given than honour to Roman Reigns, or Dean Ambrose and crafted a showcase around them. That’s just me though.

Elsewhere in the game, the career mode has been updated heavily – it goes more in-depth, and the choices that your wrestler makes actually impact what happens in the game, though, it should be noted that those choices to get repeated quite a lot between feuds, which can get tedious. Still, it’s nice to know that I can get my bad-ass Jake The Snake meets Rey Mysterio style wrestler into the Hall Of Fame this time around – yes, my guy’s that cool.

The range of stars in this game is really where the attraction lies though, and there are some killer dream matches to be had. Nice work 2K Games, you’re getting better each year.




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