‘Gotham Central’ style show details revealed

By Graeme Small
By August 23, 2020 Comics, News

The Batman

Matt Reeves discussed at length his upcoming movie, ‘The Batman’, and between divulging details and the epic trailer dropping, Reeves gave us some hints about the HBO Max series.

The recently announced series, dubbed ‘Gotham Central’ by fans after the Ed Brubaker, Michael Land and Greg Rucka series of the same name and to distinctly set it apart from ‘Gotham’, is set to be executive produced by Reeves. Not much was revealed about the series, but Reeves did clarify that it’s from the point of view of a crooked cop, and that it’s a prequel to ‘Year Two’, and set during ‘Year One’ (2021’s ‘The Batman’). We would expect this to air during 2022, to help tide over fans between the two Batman movies, and to offer some street level progression through this new Batman universe, but the series is still in early development with no planned release date.

The Batman “starts to unsettle the city”, said Reeves, stating the series will focus on corruption that “goes back many years”. I would expect this to be in a similar format to Fox’s Gotham but more like DC Comics’ Gotham Central, in that Batman may make very small cameo appearances, but remains very much the focal point albeit an unseen background character.

Of note, Terence Winter

It is unknown how the series will air in the UK, but most HBO shows have landed on Sky. The series will be set during ‘The Batman’, but air between the first and second films. For further reading, check out this article about Renee Montoya here.


Words: Graeme Small


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