HAWXX talk new music, becoming the voice of the voiceless with a proud message of empowerment for women

By October 27, 2021 Culture, News

How are you doing today?

Just ate a massive pink donut so I’m pretty good, ngl.

In your own words, talk to us about the overriding message behind ‘You’re Only As Loud As You Shout Right Now’?

You’re Only As Loud as You Shout Right Now is a good summary of what we stand for as a band. In our songwriting we feel it’s imperative to use our collective HAWXX voice as a response to the times, to reflect the political and the personal in our writing. That line is a reference to the present moment being what defines us and a call to use your voice and to respect it.

Talk about the experience of developing the ‘Death Of Silence’ video?

This video would not have happened without our incredible fanbase who fully funded it! Legends. Also, Noomi Yates was an amazing director to work with. She’s so full of life and ideas and managed to source us the most incredible (mostly all female) crew. We knew we wanted something that was going to display our unity as a band and speak to the general overcoming of shame. Noomi came up with this idea of us escaping an alien nest together covered in slime. It was a real experience carrying it out. Let me tell you, navigating your way across a concrete floor, dressed in a loin cloth and covered in slime is not an easy thing. Yeah, you heard me- you’ve got to check out our video now 😀

How do you define success as artists now, what does it mean to you?

I think it means to make work that defines you and that you believe in. But obvs would be great to have money so we could quit our day jobs and do this full time because we love it more than anything in the world!

What are the biggest challenges for the band, at this time?

Not being able to gig for the last couple of years has meant we weren’t able to self-sustain as financially as we were.  Money (or lack of) is a big challenge – we’re super lucky this video was funded by our incredible fans!

How do you look back on the band’s early material like ‘Love’s A Bitch’ and ‘The Lie’?

I’d say The Lie is pretty representative of our sound still, although we have definitely gone more prog and generally mental. It’s got the heavy drop tuning riff with the squealy guitar, three part harmonies and intricate drum parts which are the backbone to our songs. Love’s a Bitch is definitely further off, it’s got a pretty classic rock sound that we have absolutely moved on from.

What is your message for fans that have yet to discover the band?

Join us on our adventure! We promise you warm smiles, ridiculous humour, funny voices, songs about the political and the personal and pretty snazzy merch. Follow us @hawxxmusic!