Hemlocke Springs Drops New Music Video Alongside Her New Single ‘Sever the Blight’

By Emma Walker
By May 3, 2023 News, World

Sever the Blight is the title of new single and music video from Hemlocke Springs.  This slightly scandalous track continues to demonstrate the uniqueness that’s truly at the heart of American singer/songwriter Isimeme Udu (or Naomi,) who records under the name Hemlocke Springs.

With her first two singles, Gimme All Ur Love and Girlfriend, quickly gaining popularity due to their catchy, pop-infused nature, Naomi began to use this to her advantage.  Stranger Danger! challenges ideas of capitalism and the patriarchy, deeper meanings holding an important place in the undertones of her enthusiastic pop music.  The same is seen in Sever the Blight.

Photo Credit: Ana Peralta Chong

With depictions of bondage scenes over the sound of shimmering synths, Naomi’s performance spellbinds listeners until the interruptive beat pounds heavy.  Signalling a broken trance to shine a light on the EDM of her youth, along with flashbacks to the 80s – Sever the Blight is a combination of all that influences Naomi’s artistic musical career.  Its an ode to the act of wanting, a love song to the longing.  Paired with a music video, Sever the Blight truly comes to life and highlights Naomi’s storytelling ability.

Wondering what to expect from Sever the Blight?  I’m afraid not even Naomi knows herself.  “I’m not really sure,” she says, “what am I even talking about with this?”  Give it a listen and decide for yourself!

Listen HERE.