How is WWE star Austin Theory preparing for the Royal Rumble 2023?

By Dom Smith
By January 27, 2023 News, Wrestling

Austin Theory recently sat down to discuss preparing for this year’s Royal Rumble. Theory talked about the physical and mental preparation that it takes to work such a grueling, intense match.


“You can try your hardest to prepare, but you never know out of those 29 other superstars, who they are gonna be,” comments Theory, reflecting on this year’s forthcoming Royal Rumble match.

The Rumble is known to showcase talents from all eras of WWE programming, and Theory is wary of this when he talks about entering the fray: “It could be someone from the past, it could be someone that is currently there every week, it could be someone that we’ve never seen before! It’s a crazy dynamic.” 


Austin talks about how massive the Rumble can be for a person’s career as it has done for The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin before, he comments that everything really can change in an instant: “It guarantees you the main event at Wrestlemania, there are a lot of cards on the table. There’s a lot of preparing for sure.”

WWE’s Royal Rumble will broadcast live from the Alamodome, San Antonio at 1 AM GMT on Sunday, January 29th 2023…  Tune in on the WWE Network or on BT Sport.

Listen to Austin’s chat below: