Author Clint Wastling launches first book

By April 20, 2016 September 20th, 2016 Hull, News

Clint Wastling is a writer with his roots in Hull and The East Riding of Yorkshire. He has been widely published in literary journals, newspapers and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic including, Dreamcatcher, and The Weekly News. Several of his stories are available to read for free on

Clint Wastling

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Clint is also one third of Argy-Bargy Poets, a group who regularly perform in Hull and the East Riding.

The Geology of Desire is Clint’s first novel. It deals with one young man’s emotional roller coaster ride through discovering geology and the darker aspects of human nature. It is written as a converging timeline crime thriller. In it we find out how a fraud perpetrated in the Second World War links to a series of bizarre murders in the 1980’s.

David Jones witnesses the murder of his ex-girlfriend when a police officer pushes her from the cliffs by Whitby Abbey. After much soul searching he decides to complete his undergraduate thesis by mapping the geology of this coast. In doing so he begins to understand how Carrie – his current girlfriend – has manipulated him, unaware of his past. David becomes embroiled in events ranging from professional fossil hunters who will stop at nothing to protect their finds to Jocaster D’Vile, a lady who directs pornographic movies for the expensive tastes of her clientele. As the novel unfolds we find out whether David Jones will survive as he tries to solve the crimes. The Geology of Desire has been described as a coming of age, coming out crime drama set in Hull during the Second World War and in Whitby and Hull forty years later.

The Geology of Desire is available from Stairwell Books ISBN: 978-1-939269-33-1 £10.00 plus p&p. It can be ordered through all good bookshops.