Brodie Milner shares emotive new track, ‘An Open Letter’

By Dom Smith
By July 30, 2021 Hull, News

Here, you can listen to Brodie Milner’s touching new single ‘An Open Letter’.

An Open Letter combines the pop sensibilities of The 1975 with the lucid story-telling of Bob Dylan. Its themes are centralised around political and social anxieties, following the story of Cassandra, a figure from Greek mythology whose prophecies were never believed. Each line is a form of consolation, imploring the listener to find solace and hope in especially divisive times. Accompanied by a sonic palate that’s influenced by the likes of Sharon Van Etten and Sam Fender, the track offers deeply textured instrumentation that’s equal parts nuanced and accessible.

‘Although the song is rooted in mythology, it’s actually a comment on recent socio/political events. It was initially inspired by a friend’s poem that began with the line ‘I feel like Cassandra.’’

‘When I asked her about it, she told me that her predictions about the pandemic and current political system often came true, even though she was told by many that she was just overly anxious. She then told me that she felt burdened with the task of trying to fix things by convincing people otherwise, just like the mythological character.’

‘I came to realise that this feeling was shared by many, and wanted to write a letter of consolation to everyone who was suffering with the same anxieties. The lyrics are based on Stoic principles, urging people to focus on what they can control, rather than trying to change what’s out of their hands.’

‘Because, at a time where government advice has not been in accordance with scientific fact, where political incompetence has caused the deaths of over 100,000 people, and where social division feels at its most violent, many of us are just like Cassandra trying to stop the fall of Troy.’

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