Hull post-metallers STILL announce ‘{ }’

By August 4, 2021 Hull, News

Hull’s STILL have announced the release of ‘{ }’ on September 24, via Trepanation Recordings.

Offering up a dissonant blend of dark post hardcore and emotive post metal wrapped up with the urgency of a black metal outfit. From this contemporary recipe erupts a textural soundscape that slips between eerie, ambient serenity and punishing darkness.

Live, the band mirror this glimpse of hope amidst the gloom by commanding the attention of their audience through unsettling and deliberate low lighting. The bands atmosphere engulfs their live offerings in dramatic darkness that gravitates around one, singular light source.

With recording and mixing by Joe Clayton of No Studio (Leeched, Pijn) and mastering by Sam Vaney of Lead & Sulfur (Cortez, Throane), ‘{ }’, is a seed wrenched from the gloom by these masterful fingers and nurtured to new stomach churning heights.

‘{ }’ sees STILL take a volatile leap out of the shadows with a painfully inflective assessment of existence and the human experience; a tonal landscape stark and harrowing but not without beauty. Occasional flashes of majestic glacial black metal cascade across the scape scorching the rugged, thundering sludge and thrashing post hardcore. With every revolution of these jarring components the anguish expands, each passing dissonant harmony or devastating rhythm is enveloped in the crush of the next.

‘{ }’ will be available on digital download, limited-edition double vinyl (limited to 100 copies), limited edition CD (limited to 50 copies) and limited edition cassette (limited to 25 copies) and can be pre-ordered here: