Jade Cuttle announces new album, ‘Algal Bloom’ through Make Noise and Warren Records

By December 12, 2019 December 18th, 2019 Hull, News

Fusing metaphor and melody with themes of nature, Jade Cuttle presents her debut release ‘Algal Bloom’ in collaboration with Make Noise and Warren Records. Her release will go worldwide in January 2020.

Jade Cuttle, award-winning singer-songwriter and poet, releases her debut EP ‘Algal Bloom’. Cuttle re-animates her poetic reflections about nature into poetic-folk songs, fusing metaphor and melody. She carves out a new sub-genre of poem-songs, fusing metaphor and melody, as her primary passion is poetry. The album is inspired by the humble-hearted wisdom and resilience of nature. Most of these poeme-en-chansons avoid refrains and habitual structures in favour of free-flowing melodic musings. Nature-focussed, ‘Algal Bloom’ helps reconnect us back to nature. As well as winning numerous awards in poetry, she has also performed at a range of venues like York Opera House and West Yorkshire Playhouse, and at a range of festivals including Ledbury Poetry Festival, Ilkley Literature Festival, Sheffield’s Off The Shelf, Beverley’s Lit Up, Saboteur Awards, and York Literature Festival.


Ice in the crack

Leaves & Lovers

The River

Algal Bloom


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