Listen to Endoflevelbaddie’s new album, ‘Robots Are All Around Us’

By March 26, 2021 Hull, News

Hull-based electronic music producer, Endoflevelbaddie has released a new EP, ‘Robots Are All Around Us’ and it’s out today. Of the record, Baddie says:

I’d always had a gig on the horizon so I always wrote with gigs in mind. Always thinking about getting a crowd bouncing and I guess I was always writing what people expected from a Baddie gig.
I didn’t really write anything during Lockdown 1. My home office was set up in my studio and at the end of the day when 5.30 came I just wanted to get out of the room.

When things relaxed (and I started going into work again) I was able to get back in my studio with love in my heart again. I looked around and saw all the gear I had amassed over the years gathering dust. I’d got so used to working inside a computer with internal software that I’d lost a bit of that sloppy raw analog charm that was present in my early work when I didn’t really know what I was doing! So I set myself the task of writing some new tracks but keeping everything as “outside the box” as possible. I played drums instead of using samples/loops, went mad with analog synths and only used a few samples here and there. I focussed on getting in the groove and laying down parts quickly to keep momentum going. The production and mixing process was also kept to a minimum as well, avoiding heavy use of internal effects and adding too much cleanliness. It’s still very much “Baddie” music: loop based, sci-fi synths, lasers, dirty bass etc, but it feels more true-to-self.”

Baddie describes this record as his most personal yet: “It is the result of creating freely with no expectations, making the sounds I love, not the sounds I think others will love.”

Stream it below: