Listen to Low Hummer’s scuzzy new tune, ‘Don’t You Ever Sleep’

By September 17, 2019 Hull, News

Hull quintet Low Hummer have shared their huge debut single ‘Don’t You Ever Sleep’. A band of multi-instrumentalists carefully assembled by vocalist Daniel Mawer and united by a shared love of Pixies and The New Adelphi Club, Low Hummer is made up of musicians drawn from across Hull’s tight knit DIY community that trade in cutting post-punk – the sound of disillusion, where only vocal harmonies and synth endure. 

A fuzzed-up garage anthem shot through with 80’s inspired synths and electronic drums, new single  ‘Don’t You Ever Sleep’ is a song written for the disaffected and downtrodden; and for the sleepless left staring at their ceiling – This is Low Hummer staking their claim as one of the most promising new bands from the current hotbed of righteous Northern post-punk bands, a tantalizing glimpse of what’s yet to come. 

Merging fuzzy guitars and battered up synths, the band have spent 2019 hidden away – writing and recording in a room behind their favourite venue. ‘Don’t You Ever Sleep’ is the result of these countless hours spent in each other’s company, writing and working within the very particular chill of their beloved practice space. An investigation into the art of mindless late-night shopping, Low Hummer describe this new single as “the epitome of our apathy”, harnessing colloquial whips and synths reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem or Menace Beach to narrate the innate trap of impulse; declaring the world officially bored.

“Don’t You Ever Sleep is a song about late night loneliness and anxiety leading to purchasing items online as a form of therapy.” explains Low Hummer’s singer Daniel Mawer: “Sonically it’s us exploring eclectic drumkits and synths, before jumping into a distorted chorus which comes most natural to us. We feel the song is a blueprint of what Low Hummer should sound like. The chorus of ‘we are bored’ is the apathy and frustration I think a lot of our friends and family feel regarding their lives.” 

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