Watch the video for Navier Gene’s explosive new track, ‘Worms’

By March 29, 2021 Hull, News

Written, recorded and performed by Eddi Pickard, Navier Gene’s lead vocalist and guitarists, Worms was created to subvert the cliches and expectations of modern underground rock music. This track is the unique Navier Gene sound that fans have come to recognise with a generous injection of nostalgic grunge & 90-00s rock.

Worms sets the tone for what is to come from the band this year. Initially created through experimenting with their usual writing process, this first single inspired the development of the forthcoming album.

Commenting on the single, Eddi says, “I wrote this song as a reaction to the frustration I’d been feeling for some years. While writing music, I’m always looking to experiment with new influences and I look around me for inspiration. But when I look at the rock scene, I see beloved rock artists jumping ship to more commercial genres or reprising their old sound without bringing much that is new or exciting. Other genres are flourishing right now because there are lots of talented people innovating their sound, doing things DIY, and making really cool stuff, so ‘Worms’ asks ‘Why not us? Why not in rock?”.

Drawing inspiration from the heyday of Kerbdog, Bush and early Queens of the Stone Age, underlined with the signature sound that fans expect from Navier Gene’s music, Worms celebrates, as with all of Eddi’s projects, the DIY. The single is written, recorded and produced entirely at home, proving within this generation of bedroom artists and self-produced music there is room for the big rock unit Eddi continues, “With all of the resources out there now, people can make-music without needing formal training or even much practice, and they’re writing amazing stuff that wouldn’t have bee possible even ten years ago. I’m buzzing show the world what we’ve been up to and I hope to further prove to rock-fans and aspiring musicians that you don’t need the best equipment or of money to write a big sounding rock single”

Worms will be available to stream across all popular music streaming platforms as of Friday 26th March, with the official music video releasing soon after. You can keep up with the band’s updates and new music over 2021 on their Instagram and YouTube (@naviergene).

Those interested in getting a taste for the band’s new sound, and witness the buzz of excitement around their music, can visit the band’s YouTube for their popular homemade live sessions series “Live From The Gene Pool” comprised of originals and covers that will make you desperate for the day we can get to a gig again.