Viral 10-year-old Brazilian musician Kevin Keew talks finding home in Hull, inspirations and more

By Dom Smith
By October 21, 2021 Hull, News

What is your association with Hull?

I have 3 nationalities, British, Brazilian, Portuguese, as my family is mixed, and I love different cultures as we found in London when I was a baby, where a lived until I was 2 years old, my parents were studying English there.

About 8 years ago a friend of my parents, who they met more than 15 years ago, told us that Hull is the city she was born in, and if we were looking for a nice place for raising kids, a smaller city could be better. So my parents decided to try Hull and my family got in love with the city straight away.
How do you like it there?

When we arrived in Hull we were in our friend’s house for some time, close to the city centre, then we moved to East Hull, where I have in front of my house a playground, a lot of space to play with the kids, and also 2 football pitches open for everyone.

I can say it’s really good for me as a kid and I could make a lot of good friendships from the beginning. The neighbourhood is very friendly and I love my school, Oldfleet Primary School.

We could see that Hull is a small city but we have everything that a big city has, without the noise and big traffic. We never left since then. The Rockup climbing site and Gravity jumping site are my favourite places to go with my friends.

How do you define success as an artist?

Success as an artist, in my opinion, is to make your art express yourself, not other people’s artistic identity. I can see many independent artists and influencers are accepting to kill their identity because of the lack of investment, but this is killing the local culture and making everyone sing, play, talk, express the same, but I really think that what makes us special is exactly our differences.

Basically, success is to express your true self and own art. I can give an example:

I live in England, but recorded a music video in Brazil, São Paulo, Wake Up Samba, mixing EDM with the Brazilian rhythm Samba, and then recorded another song in England in Portuguese, Brasileirinho, mixing EDM with Brazilian Funk, now I am releasing another song called Br-Pop that is mixing EDM with Brazilian Forró.

All this cultural mixing is because I speak 2 languages, English and Portuguese, and I am learning French at school, so the result is that I created a new music genre that I call Br-Pop, which is a mix of Brazilian local cultural influences (that have all cultures in the world on itself), with international pop and EDM, expressing Brazilian international music style, the Br-Pop.

Can you see, I work as a model since I was 2 years old, producing Fashion Kids pictures on my Instagram Profile, and I don’t care about the likes and follows it’s gonna bring, I care about my real identity as an independent artist, exactly because I don’t have a contract with any company, and I love to be free like this.

If you check my playlist on Spotify you will see that it’s a bit strange but I love it, it’s my identity. Mixing pop, EDM, classical music and Brazilian culture, it’s the new digital music genre Br-Pop that’s my identity, I hope people like it as I will continue to produce, expressing my true self.

What advice do you have for other young people who are inspired by your work as a musician, and gamer?

For music and game, we need talent, and talent we can develop training hard. If you are a musician or gamer, but also an influencer, my advice is to Produce by expressing yourself!

Don’t worry about likes and follows, this is killing real talents, being exchanged by “what accumulates more likes’, and this is not 100% you, you are actually your talent.

The real audience comes with the time when you produce original and high-quality content. Trust me, it works!

What motivates you outside of music, and gaming – think family and friends for example?

I love music, and love games, but I also love to give a game over on social issues, so I play my game outside virtual reality, in real life, and consider myself a socio constructive activist, with my family. This topic came to my life when I had inspiration from William Wilberforce while producing a documentary for my school, about the social reformer and his projects from 1833.

Above this, I love my school, where I have had friends for many years and we are growing together. I am loving it and feel it’s a great opportunity for us as I work with kids from the favelas in Brazil who are falling into poverty, being the same age as me and my friends. So we are blessed in this country.

What are you promoting at the moment – tell us why you decided to build this new web platform?

Because of my socio constructive projects, I decided to build a business that could work for society. So my parents and I developed a 3-in1 online business, and we use the resources and donations to invest in our social projects, fighting against Child Sexual Slavery, rescuing 3-month-old babies from a very lucrative market in the favelas in Brazil, were part of my family came from.

So my business has a huge social value, it’s a not-for-profit startup, that’s why my first business promotion was in Times Square, New York, doing together a social campaign called YOUR POWER #SaveboysLives where I appeared in the iconic Nasdaq’s billboard, 120 feet high, side by side with Britney Spears and Netflix, also in the same billboard where Ariana Grande appeared too.

I feel that I am on the right path, as things are happening very fast. People and investors want to use the services exactly because it’s not only business with very affordable prices, but also a socio constructive action, everybody helps, everybody works and everybody wins. Giving voice to those who can’t speak.

Prices start at $3 (US dollars) per month, and every month members have the chance to earn cash prizes through giveaways since the community reach 333 members, the cash pries will grow when the community gets bigger too. distributes the music of independent artists and labels to more than 150 music stores worldwide and continues to do so as new stores become available, including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. To send 3 songs costs only $3 dollars per year, for 25 songs, it’s $9, above the prices of big companies offering the same services.

SuperPop.TV began as a music TV channel for streaming services, such as Roku and recently expanded to Amazon Fire and Apple TV. Viewers will stream videos of independent musicians, singers, dancers, influencers, bloggers, and gamers. To place a music video permanently we charge a one-time fee of $11 only, as it’s a donation for social projects. Casting Network for independent career development is built on an e-learning platform based on the knowledge and experience accumulated over the many years of innovation of producers and artists. It costs only $3 per month and gives monthly cash prizes to members.

This network is primarily targeted at independent artists and is also for performers, musicians, dancers, influencers, bloggers, and gamers. The three elements of this business chain, provide independent artists with an opportunity to learn, gain confidence, receive feedback from other artists, be seen by producers, and have professional experience.

Creating a worldwide network of independent professionals to collaborate with, exclusively for members of the Casting Network.

There are some articles about this project and it’s interesting to check them, for those who want to know more. An alternative, visit the project’s websites.

What message do you have for fans, and followers who have yet to discover your work?

I am working on these projects since I was 2 years old, I visited 7 countries and worked with brands from 20 different countries. My last campaign Your Power #SaveBoysLives in Times Square, New York, was released in 3 languages, 3 countries and 3 continents simultaneously.

I confess, it sometimes makes us tired, but we don’t give up. Achieving these milestones, in my opinion, doesn’t mean I am special, it’s only because of the purpose of it all, fighting against Child Sexual Slavery.

So, if a 10 years old boy from a council estate in a small city like me, can achieve great things, can dream, work hard, and manifest it, I am sure you can too.

Make a plan, look to the target, trust the process and go!

I take the opportunity to quote an important person in our history, who travelled the world in very bad conditions, but he made it.

“Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
(James Cook)

If you want to be part of my campaign, please post a video of yourself on Instagram, singing Your Power, a song of your choice, or speaking about the theme “Fighting Against Child Sexual Slavery”, and use the hashtag #SaveBoysLives.

This is creating awareness about this horrible topic, but it’s exactly what we need to put our talent in function of society, what makes a huge difference as you will attract good things too.

Br-Pop is the title of Kevin’s new song, also the name of this new music genre the gamer is spreading in Europe, mixing EDM with Forró, a very traditional Brazilian music genre that put everyone to slide their feet and dance together all night, from “Nordestina Culture”.
Part of Kevin’s family is from the Northeast region of Brazil too, where Forró is very popular. This is the Brazilian influence gaining the world trough TikTok.
Single Br-Pop available on YouTube:

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