Indie Business Spotlight #3: DIVE HU5

By January 26, 2022 January 27th, 2022 Culture, Features, Interviews, News

DIVE HU5 is an independent bar, music venue and coffee shop located on the busy, and popular Princes Avenue in Hull.

“Something in between Berlin, Tokyo, and New York. Light and chilled Coffee Shop through the day. Neon lit atmospheric bar / music venue by night.” Is how DIVE HU5 is described on their social media, it truly is a one-of-a-kind place. There are lots of events during the week from Karaoke on a Tuesday night to Danger zone on a Friday night, and everything in-between!

DIVE HU5 is run by a group of friends; Nick, Joe and Dave who all have their different passions in music, coffee and creating a good nightlife for the people of Hull.

I managed to sit down and talk to one of the owners of DIVE HU5, Nick (Cobley) and he told me what the best thing about being independent is:

“You can make your own rules in a way – there’s no bigger bosses to have to answer to, I think that’s probably the best thing and people tend to want to support you more too, if you’re independent, it’s like a community-vibe being independent.”

Nick also thinks it’s important for people to support independent businesses over massive chain brands:

“Independent businesses still have authenticity, I think everything “big brand” has kind of sapped the life out of everything, you don’t know where the money’s going, you don’t know what it is supporting, like this is supporting a local company- creating wages in the local area. So, I guess that’s like the best way to do it I guess.”

Any advice for other people wanting to open their own independent business?

“Don’t do a bar if you want to keep your sanity! Nah, I think it’s cool if you want to be your own boss, I don’t see why you’d want to work for someone else. This sort of thing gives you freedom, chance to express your thoughts and feelings and opinions and bring other people in and give them that opportunity.”


Good coffee, bad hangovers.

Visit at: 59 Princes Avenue, Hull