Maybeshewill’s Jamie Ward talks about the band’s return, success

By November 4, 2021 Features, Interviews, News

Hey guys!! Welcome back!! How are you feeling?

Thanks! It’s been an exciting and also quite nerve-racking time putting out new music. People seem to be responding to it pretty well which has been quite affirming after working pretty hard in maybe not quite enough time over the summer to finish the record.

Take us back to the moment you decided to, well, bring the music back?

It started from getting an e-mail from Robert Smith inviting us to play the Meltdown festival he curated. There was a lot of debate about whether or not to play this after the band had ceased to be but I’m incredibly glad we did as it was a very cathartic experience to be part of such and amazing line up at such an iconic venue. A few years down the line from that a few people had written pieces of music that felt like they could be Maybeshewill songs and the process of potentially becoming a band again grew from that.

What is your mission statement now? How has it changed?

At one point Maybeshewill was a real touring machine and in a way that drove the band to it’s demise. This time around we’re not really in places in our lives where we can or perhaps desire to do things to such an extreme. We’re trying to find a balance where we can create and share our music and have it fit in as part as peoples lives. We’re also trying to do the band a bit better in general by trying to create more inclusive bills and events and trying to be more environmentally conscious with all physical products.

What does success mean to you as artists now?

Putting out another Maybeshewill album that I’m proud of is the main barometer of success for me personally. If we’re lucky enough that other people also respond to the album and we can share these songs at live shows that really take people away I’ll be very happy with that.

Would you describe ‘No Feeling Is Final’ as an entirely hopeful record?

The albums message is one of hope and solidarity but there are elements of the compositions that are a fair bit darker than our last album and speak to the bleakness in the direction of travel we’ve seen in western politics and world events since 2014.

Is ‘Refuturing’ a good indication of what we can expect?

Kind of, although I’d say ‘Refuturing’ is a bit of an outlier of a Maybeshewill composition. We’ve never really done anything quite like it before and it took me by surprise it a bit when it naturally emerged as the frontrunner for a first single for the album. I think the album is relatively eclectic though it has a pretty consistent mood and feeling that hopefully ties everything together.

What is your message for long-term and new supporters of the band?

Thanks for your support! Being able to tour the world and reach a few people with our music with Maybeshewill has been an amazing privilege that we’re extremely grateful for. If you’re new to the band there’s a fair bit to dig into though I’d say maybe this new album might just be my favourite yet and a good place to start.

Thanks for your time!!

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