Jason Moules on what happened to ALLUSINLOVE, modern “alternative” music

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Allusinlove and Allusondrugs’ member, Jason Moules talks to Soundsphere’s Dom Smith and gives his honest thoughts on his former bands, his new solo material, and modern “alternative” music.

Jason Moules

Moules has returned with a new track, ‘The Art of Pulling Pork’, here, he reflects on its early success and what that means to him: “I haven’t released any music for two years, or even been on stage – I feel like I’ve lost all my experience, but that’s not a bad thing! I’m glad that people are digging it.”

Jason has lots more material ready to go: “It’s a bit of a work in progress. I’ve got loads more stuff recorded,” he says. “More songs are coming out in the next few months, probably an extended EP.” 

On what Allusinlove means to him now: “We’ll probably play together in the future. Musically though, it ran its course for me. I just lost my connection with the band, and I didn’t feel like doing it. It’s all good. The new video was directed by Drey [Pavlovic, guitarist for Allusinlove] and I’ve got some stuff coming out that are co-writes with Drey as well. We’re all friends.” 

On Allusinlove’s transition from Allusondrugs, Jason reflects honestly: “We completely sold out. I do not look back at that last album or the way we looked that fondly. It’s important that it feels right. Anything that’s genuine should come naturally. Unfortunately, I’ve been through the label machine, chewed up and spat out, and it’s just a bunch of people sat around a table talking about being authentic. It’s the most ironic bull*hit that you can think of. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for that, but if the label that had signed us had done any research into who we were, they’d have been, like, ‘just let them do what they want with it.'” The whole reason we did well as a band at the first place, was because people resonated with it.”

Jason defines success as a musician, purely and simply, as being able to look in the mirror and being proud of what you have done: “Because of social media, you only ever put out what’s meant to look good, and what is meant to be attractive. I think if we would have been truly honest about what was going on when we signed to the label, people would have been disgusted. People only see what they want to see. Being happy, and content and being able to look at yourself in the mirror, who cares what people think? Everyone who is a musician should be bothered about integrity. Do it yourself, and do what makes you happy. Anybody who wants to tell you to change, sack ’em, like a bag of sh**.”

Jason still lives in West Yorkshire, where all of his previous bands and projects were based: “It probably could have benefitted me loads to move to London, but why would I want to do that? It’s shit. I still put myself out there, and wanted to tour around everywhere, and go to London to gig once a week for a couple of months. If you’re in a little town, and you don’t know any musicians, get out of that town! I was lucky enough to meet musicians who were all like-minded, and we happened to live in Castleford. Why did I meet Drey, who’s Croatian, in Castleford? I was lucky for that.”

On ‘The Art of Pulling Pork’, and new material: “The first line, ‘I’ve got vaseline, I hope you’re up late’, I wrote one time, because I thought it was funny. I got the song title because I went to a burger place!

I like writing songs again. Songs, and music and art should take you away. That one song is a bit heavier in the chorus, but some of the songs are more ‘swirly’ and ‘blissful’, but with more crude lyrics. The music is dark, and lush and the lyrics provide a contrast. That song means nothing, it’s got no personal meaning, I am just trying to invoke imagery. The album is going to be very ‘camp’!”

Listen to the full interview where Jason talks about some of his favourite tunes, finding his voice, what he loves most about music, singing and more:

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