Jeff Sahyoun discusses starting again with Erase Theory, reflects on his time in letlive.

By Dom Smith
By January 26, 2023 Features, Interviews, News

Jeff Sahyoun talks about his new project Erase Theory, what it means to him and how he reflects on his time with letlive. 

S] Hi Jeff, how are you doing today?

J] I am doing quite well today. I appreciate you for asking. Hoping that you are just the same.

S] In the PR, it says that you gave yourself permission to be yourself with this material, how challenging was that for you?

J] I can honestly state that it wasn’t very challenging at all. The most challenging aspects of that journey in time were my attempts at being somebody that I was not. It felt like my nerve endings never had a place to sleep. The experimentation of that phase is appreciated today though. Without going through it, I wouldn’t have been able to relax and give my art the true attention that it deserved. I also may not have found my true self which has reintroduced me to a side of myself that I’ve sincerely missed for years and years. Once I found my pocket, I never left. That “challenge” turned into my greatest enjoyment.

S] In what ways does this phase of your musical life push you in new ways, compared to Letlive?

J] I’ve been able to explore different avenues of interest in my life. I find success in different measures, today, compared to that specific past life of mine. I’ve realigned my vision on what that truly means to me.

The letlive. era of my existence were some of the best years of my life. Most of that culture defined the man that I am today – to some degree. It’s more about the enjoyment of my craft and staying true to the real reasoning behind why I do what I do and what made me want to do this all from the jump. My focus on where to invest my energy and efforts is of value to me now. I have different intentions this chapter.

S] Given the situation it was inspired by, is it right for me to assume that ‘Stay’ was one of the more difficult tracks for you to write in your history?

J] I can agree to that. My music is my therapy. Sometimes, songs like that just happen and they come into our life with purpose. I needed that track and I’m forever grateful that it found me when it did. It used to be difficult to listen to a bit ago but not so much anymore. I’m grateful for the time that I got to spend with it. Everything worked out the way that it was supposed to. There is always comfort in knowing that.

S] Considering what you have achieved as an artist, how do you define success now?

J] Happiness. Sincere feelings of bliss. If you can find true happiness – I’d say that’s a success story to me.

S] Do you consider your legacy at all, personally or professionally?

J] I can’t say that I do. I just love how I love and live how I live. I don’t wake up with any sort of mission every day. I’m just – me.

S] What is your message for fans in the UK?

J] The UK has always felt like another home to my past musical endeavor. Some of the best shows I’ve ever played took place over there. I can also say that the UK had a massive impact on the breaking of my last band. I’m looking forward, with great anticipation, to making more memories together on that beautiful side of the globe.

S] Is there anything you feel I’ve missed that you’d like to add?

J] Just a solid thank you for your time, interest, and energy. Looking forward to crossing paths with you in the near future!

S] Thanks for your time today!

J] Thank you for having me x