Juniper Youth Drop Video for ‘Poison” – Debut album “Blood Remembers” out now!

By April 6, 2022 Culture, News

Formed by Bad Rabbits drummer Sheel Davé, his brother Shan and vocalist and longtime friend Jarrett Ring, Juniper Youth are looking to make a mark with a unique sonic concoction.

The roots of Juniper Youth, a power trio out of Boston, Massachusetts, dig deep into the past to unearth a taste of the future. Shaped by family blood, lifelong friendships and inspirations ranging from J-Dilla to Deftones, JY delivers its signature doom-pop with a thuggish rhythm section, celestial guitar work and impassioned, tear-out-your-heart vocals. Don’t think of it as a cure for your attitude problem, rather The Cure with an attitude problem.

Today, Juniper Youth release their video for fan favourite “Poison”.  Check it out HERE:

Juniper Youth have already made an indelible mark with previous singles “Full Sun” and “Bodies” and March 25th sees the release of the band’s highly anticipated debut “Blood Remembers”.

Track Listing is as follows:

Full Sun



Blood Remembers

Time Will Forget

Boys Of Winter


Here & Gone


From humble beginnings in the basement of their childhood jam space on “Juniper Road,” one constant has always been a key part of Juniper Youth’s musical journey. “Family”. Their musical family was born in that basement where they first got a sense of the power and connection they could create with raw passion. From the days of after-school pits in the basement and DIY hardcore shows every weekend, came the birth of their first band: Irepress. What began as a full-on display of teen angst and fury grew into a monumental expression of our varying musical tastes and knowledge.

Drummer Sheel Davé said, “I badly injured my back in 2017 and thought I’d never play drums again. This band was the glue that put my musical mind and drumming body back together. All music aside, it has also reminded me of the importance of dedicating time to the people you love.  Juniper Youth is the band that Shan, Jarrett and I dreamt of starting since we were children. As kids, we learned how to play music together, how to kick a soccer ball together, and how to cause the most unreal mischief together. This band has strengthened the bond between us as humans and the music is a representation of that.

Through Irepress, their musical family grew strong. The family then grew to include the members of Bad Rabbits who pushed their musical boundaries to new levels. No single sound would define them and no limits would be placed on what they could create. They pushed each other, taught each other and they grew stronger still. After 20 years of evolution as a family, Juniper Youth was created as an expression of all the work, passion, learning and joy that went into a lifetime of music. More mature, more introspective, more experienced and refocused, they set out to write music that is honest to who they are and that would make their musical family proud.

Juniper Youth captures the nostalgia, power, emotion, sacrifice, wisdom, longing and triumph gathered over a lifetime with this musical family and re-opens the door to welcome new family members to join them on their journey.

Shan adds, “From the innocence of our youth on soccer fields, through our teenage daze in high school, to the tears of joy and sadness from the highs and lows of this musical journey, we’ve reinforced our unbreakable bond. After a long period of darkness and a decade of musical silence together, we realized that blood is thicker than water and blood always remembers.”