Last Of Eden release new track, ‘1001’

By Dom Smith
By August 7, 2022 Leeds, News

Following a first gig outside their hometown at Rough Trade Nottingham & single release with acclaims by BBC Radio 6 music presenter Tom Robinson on their Fresh On The Net show, as well as postrock.instrumentalArctic Drones, The Progressive Aspect and more key outlets of the post-rock & prog scene, L.O.E (Last of Eden) are off to launch their second single, 1001, on August 5.

1001 is a song born from a conversation between Josh (guitar) and Ben (bass). The two spoke about their personal struggles with anxiety, health, and mood, which evolved into a deep exploration about finding solace in music, both writing it and listening to it. They wanted to help shape a song that represents hope and gives life to the listener, a song that brings comfort and strength to anyone who comes across it by knowing that they are not alone and that together they can overcome any struggle that life may bring.

Musically, the song leans towards a “glitch” direction à la Tides From Nebula, a new territory explored by the band during a rehearsal in their studio in Halifax, UK. They said: “The drums were a topic of heated debate and contention that led to a decision that a persistent and pulsing heartbeat throughout the entire track would give the sense of a real and tangible life, breathing energy into the listener.” Thus, serving the message conveyed as they were living it and also giving the band “the opportunity to explore the rise and fall in the dynamics of the music that are similar to the peaks and troughs of falling on hard times and finding the strength to overcome and persevere through any struggles someone may face.”

Symbolisms of a journey of self-discovery and empowerment

The song title was taken from the concept that the number 1001 has no beginning and no end and may continue and reoccur endlessly. It helped shape the premise that the song would begin and end on the same continuing bass and guitar line as if it could repeat itself forever much as life can feel like it does.

The speech samples were taken from NASA mission control excerpts which emanate the essence of voyage and discovery and embody the limits of exploration and the heights to which we can push ourselves as humans. The radio transmissions were left purposefully indistinct so as to invoke the mystery of exploration and allow anyone to apply their own meaning to the journey.

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