Action Directe announce new album

By September 24, 2009 September 7th, 2016 Leeds

Leeds’ Industrial punks Action Directe have announced their fourth album, ‘Vangaurd‘ will be released on October 1.


The album will be available for free from the band’s website. The album follows the free online releases this year of the band’s comeback EP ‘Slavs To The Rhythm’ and the retrospective collection ‘Under The Pavement, The Beach’.

The album is described as, “a distinctly different tone to the band’s recent previous work, featuring a more pronounced electronic element and a more sombre, reflective feel. Themes of resignation and regret fit alongside the band’s usual line in stubborn resistance and righteous anger, and musically the album features elements of industrial dub and electronic ambient sections amongst the savage guitar attack and kicking rhythms of their trademark sound.”

The tracklisting is below – check out the previews:

1. ‘Storming Heaven’
2. ‘Frontline States of Mind’
3. ‘Break You!’
4. ‘Epiphany’
5. ‘Natty Droid’
6. ‘A Storm in Heaven’
7. ‘Red Dawn’
8. ‘We Can Rebuild Us’

For more information visit the official website.