Action Directe reform

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By April 13, 2009 January 9th, 2017 Leeds
Leeds-based Industrial-punk band Action Directe have reformed.
In an official statement the band said that their aim is to bring integrity back to the Northern scene.
“The band have picked the right time to resurface from the shadows – and like sleeping spies waiting for the codeword, Action Directe know that they are needed in the current era of total world economic collapse, ethno-military conflict and political turmoil more than ever. So they intend to muster as passable an industrial-punk racket as possible, and soundtrack the current crisis malarkey to thrilling and chilling effect.”

The band also have new material to unleash and a host of live dates confirmed.
“To demonstrate that this is not one of those ‘grab-the-zloty-and-retreat-to-a-mansion-in-LS6’ kind of reformations, we can also confirm that Action Directe have already recorded new material, which is currently being mixed for an imminent release. The band have six new songs ready to drop – ‘Line In The Sand’, ‘Smoke & Mirrors’, ‘Slavs To The Rhythm’, ‘Exit Plan’, ‘Total Kazakhstan’ and ‘Unholy Lands’ – which will be available for free both on the Action Directe website and by promotional CDR. An official new release will follow later in the year.”
For more information, visit the band’s website.

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