Listen to Arch Femmesis’ ode to sassy, sonic art piece ‘Velvet Thunder’

By August 13, 2020 Leeds, News

Here’s a brand new track from West Yorkshire art-punks Arch Femmesis, the track is called ‘Velvet Thunder’.

On the tune’s inspirations, vocalist Zera Tønin comments: “Velvet Thunder’ is our attitude saturated aestheticism- when we were writing it, the sound made me think of 80s Miami in a convertible car cruising down the strip of gay bars and the coke is starting to take you sideways in a slightly venomous tone.

They add: “Still sassy and classy though. It has since evolved into a video with a variety of sonic visual interpretations, different alluded messages, translations, feelings- creating a chaotic certainty. (blah blah blah blah art degree lingo blah blah) the video was inspired by my gemini tendency to play dress up, evoking my different personality traits through my clothes, exploring my gender identity, what it means to be androgynous, female, perhaps it’s a holla to my masculine half, or maybe it’s a commentary on insecure men ghosting big dick energy women. who the fuck knows. I don’t. It’s just a mood!! And that’s the beauty of interpretation.”