Sieben releases ‘As They Should Sound”

By March 12, 2009 November 20th, 2016 Leeds

The new album by Sieben is titled ‘As They Should Sound’ and it will be released on Redroom at the end of March.

Sieben is one of the many projects of Matt Howden who has worked as producer, songwriter, session musician, and score composer. Howden has collaborated with The Raindogs (Portugal), Sol Invictus (UK), Tony Wakeford (UK), L’Orchestra Noir (UK), L’Ame Immortelle (AT), Emilie Autumn (USA), Faith & The Muse (USA), Of The Wand And Then Moon (DK), Larsen (IT), Chris Eckman (USA), Spiritual Front (IT), Shock Headed Peters (UK), Hekate (DE), Job Karma (PL), The Mystery School (USA) HaWthorn (UK) and many others.

For more information visit Matt Howden’s Myspace and website.

You can also read an interview with Sieben on the site.