Treeboy & Arc serve up ‘Logistical Nightmare’

By Dom Smith
By July 27, 2021 Leeds, News

Following recent single “Role Models“, Leeds’ Treeboy & Arc share a second single from new four-track EP ‘Life Preserver’, due 6th August.

“She’s out like a light/The future ain’t bright” begins new single Logistical Nightmare, with needle-sharp guitar lines pinned down by circling bass.

Vocalist James Kay says of the song: “Logistical Nightmare is about how infuriating it can be to watch people navigate social media. Whether it’s a painful infographic telling you how to drink water on a hot day or a re-shared article by someone who definitely didn’t read it.

“Social media can be a great tool for people at times, but more often than not I feel the cons outweigh the pros. I guess writing a 3 minute song about it all probably only made me hate it even more…”

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