Soundsphere Guitar Lesson 21 – Bluesy Lick in A

By October 20, 2014 December 29th, 2021 News, Soundsphere Guitar Lessons

Quick bluesy lick in A this month using A pentatonic, dorian and blues notes. We start with a bend using our third finger on our left hand on the F# at the seventh fret of the B string, bending up a semitone to the G and then back down again and pulling off to the E at the fifth fret.


We then descend the pentatonic scale with a pull off from D to C at the seventh and fifth frets of the G string and landing on the A note at the seventh fret of the D string. We then hammer on and off again from C to C# at the fifth and sixth frets of the G string, this change from major to minor third sounds particularly bluesy and we then descend again down the pentatonic scale from A to G at the seventh and fifth frets of the D string finishing on E at the seventh fret of the A string.

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We complete this lick by hammering on from the G to the A at the fifth and seventh frets of the A string. The G is a grace note and the hammer on should be played as quickly and as cleanly as possible. Finally, we play a quarter tone bend on the C at the fifth fret of the G string.

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