Alarm call for new single by Day Of The Sirens

By Editor
By September 19, 2011 London

Colchester’s Day Of The Sirens are set to unleash a new single.


The track follows glowing reviews of the EP ‘A Kiss From Nyx’, both released earlier this year.  Speaking to Soundsphere about ‘I Could Talk To God?’, vocalist and guitarist Jack Fox describes the track as “no-holds barred”.


“[It’s] still fundamentally Day Of The Sirens with its epic choruses and catchy-ness but I think this song captures the sound we’ve been working towards for a while,” he comments. “For the first time, I feel we’ve achieved the right balance between having a real stadium-like commercial sound but still maintaining the heaviness we’ve had previously.”


Fox says the critical acclaim the band has received has spurred their momentum to bring out new material.  “Instead of releasing another EP, ‘I Could Talk To God?’ will be the first of a number of singles we’ll be releasing before recording a full length album,” he notes.


A promo video for the single is due to début shortly, and Fox promises another example of shifting the boundaries of the medium. “You see so many videos these days that lack any form of imagination, and a lot of bands seem to go for a standard performance video, which is a shame as with music videos the possibilities are endless. It will be something completely different to what’s around at the moment! That’s all I’m saying!”


‘I Could Talk To God’ is released on October 1.  Day Of The Sirens are set to tour the UK in the autumn, with dates expected to be announced soon.

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