PIAS artists’ initiative against violence

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By September 5, 2011 London

A compilation featuring bands and artists on PIAS-affiliated labels condemning acts of violence is set for a November launch.


As part of the ‘Love Music, Hate Violence’ campaign, the download-only release on November 5 is set to feature the likes of Enter Shikari, Young Guns, Hyro Da Hero and We Are The Ocean. Limited editions T-shirts to promote the release will also be available.



‘Love Music, Hate Violence’ was set up in August 2011 following the fire which gutted an Enfield-based distribution warehouse in the spate of riots in London and other English towns and cities.


The organisers hope the campaign not only raises funds and awareness, but also brings figures in the independent music scene together in endorsing their cause. Matt Hughes, press officer with Devil PR, says: “The events in Enfield affected many of us in the music industry. A terrible act that deserves this rally call of togetherness from the labels, bands, managers and PIAS itself.”


Leander Gloversmith of Mythophonic Management adds: “Independent artists and labels struggle enough to stay afloat in the shadow of internet piracy and in a highly competitive scene often dictated by transient Internet trends, let alone losing stock in a pointless act of arson.”


Bands involved in the LMHV campaign have spoken of their involvement. Rou Reynolds of Enter Shikari points out how the warehouse fire has affected not just themselves, but other artists: “”A lot of the UK’s indie labels – including our own Ambush Reality label – had a majority of their stock there, and now its all gone up in flames. While the insurance will, in time, cover some of the losses, there’ll be labels who rely on constant cashflow and might not be able to struggle through until their losses are covered.”


Gustav Wood of Young Guns comments: “We’ve always considered ourselves lucky to be involved with a label as straight up and genuine in their love of music as PIAS is. To see them and the other independents affected by the riots so severely was awful. Companies like PIAS are, in the midst of a confused and increasingly fractured industry, flying the flag for how things should and can be done. We’re happy to be involved in some small way.”


These are sentiments echoed by Reynolds. “Times are hard enough for indie labels and indie shops right now, this is another sad kick in the teeth for people who put their entire lives into keeping our musical landscape exciting with minimal budgets, who can ill afford this sort of setback.”


A website for the ‘Love Music, Hate Violence’ campaign goes live on the day of the compilation’s release, November 5.

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