Duologue announce new EP titled ‘A-B’

By November 3, 2011 September 13th, 2016 London

London-based indie-electro act Duologue have announced a brand new EP titled ‘A-B’ on December  5 via Wild Game Records.


Written, performed, produced and mixed by Duologue, so goes the credit on ‘A-B’ the futuristic electronic rock infused second EP from the London-based five piece. Hot on the follow up to eponymous first EP, this new release is yet further proof of this experimental band’s ability to fuse audio technology with good old, fashioned heart-felt songs.


In between retreating to the wilds of South England to write and produce the band have found time to self-curate a number of sell out shows with the likes of Matthew Dear, Darkstar, Breton and Worship. In addition the band remixed a counterpart EP to their debut release and collaborated with up and coming director and VJ, Lewis Kyle White (2 Many DJ’s, Radio Soulwax, Crystal Fighters) to produce four remix videos currently being hosted online at duologuemusic.co.uk.


“I guess we would consider ourselves musicians and producers in the way we approach a track, we write the song, break it apart and build it up layer by layer, using as many new sounds and beats as possible and pushing it as far as it can go.”


Deceptively named, Duologue’s first incarnation was born from the meeting of techno DJ and beats programmer Toby Leeming and guitarist vocalist Tim Digby-Bell whilst studying in Edinburgh. Through a shared love of obscure electronica, subversive Detroit techno as well as the more usual suspects like Aphex Twin and Radiohead the pair went from bedroom experimentalists to recruiting fellow childhood and university pals Seb Dilleyston (violins) Ross Stone (bass) and Toby Lee (lead guitar) to form a fully-fledged band.



1. ‘Half Heart Rag’
2. ‘Push It’
3. ‘Crave’
4. ‘Endless Limitation’


For more information and tour dates visit Duologue’s official website.



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