Kissy Sell Out launches new label

By March 14, 2010 January 15th, 2017 London

Kissy Sell Out has launched a new independant label called San City High with the aim of promoting new artists on the dance and electronic circuit.


San City‘s roster includes: Tanashe (UK) Hot Pink Delorean (USA), The Squatters (UK), Lazy Flow (France) and Urchins (UK).

The London-based DJ comments: “The ethos of the label is  ‘fair trade and freedom for artists’ so I hope that this sets a precedent so we can all give something back to the music industry. My love of other people’s music has always motivated most things I do in life, so running my own record label where my job is basically to use that natural enthusiasm to help new artists develop their careers and rave on to other people about how good my team’s tunes are is a dream come true! I’ve always believed record labels should be like clubs where you can hang out with friends who like the same things as you do – and that’s all San City High is really, you’ll never see the San City High logo heading an exclusive 360 multi-album deal contract, but you’re gonna see the logo fronting some hot music this year and maybe even some cool t-shirts too!

For more information visit the official website.