Listen: Japanese Television – ‘Bloodworm’

By Dom Smith
By March 5, 2019 London, News

JAPANESE TELEVISION has unleashed its new single BLOODWORM via Tip Top Recordings. To celebrate the release the band played a headlining slot at London music haven THE SOCIAL off the back of a full UK Tour through February. BLOODWORM is a fuzzed out trip across a sci-fi salt flat one part Barbarella two parts Krautrock. An intriguing listen which doesn’t push the listener into a corner but instead invites you on its sonic journey, vocals are notably absent, allowing you to truly be sucked into its sphere of movement.

BLOODWORM was recorded in an old isolated village hall onto an 8 track tape by Kristian Bell of The Wytches who had set up the makeshift studio from scratch to manifest the live sound they were after. The band said; ‘’The track only had a working title when we started recording it, we’d played it out live for the first time the night before. The name comes from a book we found in a collection of second-hand novels in the corner of the village hall. The cover of the book has a giant worm wrapped around a ruined Big Ben, which seemed to fit pretty nicely with the mood we were trying to capture! Another weird fact is that a character in the book shares the name of our guitarist, Tim Jones. He is in the book for a single page, at which point he gets eaten by a Bloodworm*.’’

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