Little Fish release new video

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By October 26, 2010 September 9th, 2013 London

Following a series of live dates that Little Fish have planned for early November, the Oxford duo will be releasing new single ‘Sweat N Shiver’ on November 29.


Little Fish


You can watch the video below.


Singer and guitarist JuJu has the following commentary about the background of the track: “My shadow followed me into a motel. I was feeling soundless and delirious. I wanted to be alone so I locked myself in a room for a week. I brought with me little food and the gifts of a tambourine man. I can’t remember anything except for burning like a coin in someone’s hand. I was woken by people banging at my door. I must have been alone for days – not alone but longing for shade and driven by thirst.”


For more information visit the official MySpace.


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