New website has a Shot to Hook in gamers

By Colm O'Rourke
By February 13, 2012 August 20th, 2016 London

A new gaming website established by four British journalists has launched today.


Titled Hookshot Inc., it covers the latest download games priced under $15.00 across all platforms.  The website is the brainchild of Christian Donlan, Simon Parkin, Will Porter and Keith Stuart.


Speaking on why the site came together, Porter says, “We want to help separate the signal from the noise. There are countless downloadable games being created by companies big and small, and we want to single out the ones that truly deserve the attention of busy people with hectic lives.”


Stuart adds, “Each of us has been working in the games industry for the best part of a decade, or more. We thought it was high time to get together, pool our resources and create our own platform that would attract like-minded gamers.”


“We had to give it a try, even if it turns out to be a(nother) humiliating disaster,” Parkin surmises.  Hookshot Inc.’s website can be visited here.

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