Orbital release Greatest Hits collection

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By May 14, 2009 September 9th, 2013 London
Recently-reformed dance duo Orbital will release a 2CD Greatest Hits collection, it will be titled ‘Orbital 20‘.
The disk will be released on June 8, 2009. The album includes new versions of classic Orbital tracks from the likes of Herve, James Zabelia and Tom Middleton.
For more information visit the band’s Myspace.
The tracklisting for ‘Orbital 20’ is as follows:


  1. ‘Chime’ (Live Style Mix)
  2. ‘Belfast’
  3. ‘Satan’
  4. ‘Halcyon’ (Tom Middleton Re-Model)
  5. ‘Lush 3’
  6. ‘Impact’ (Live From Royal Albert Hall)
  7. ‘Are We Here (Who Are They)’
  8. ‘The Box’
  9. ‘Nothing Left (Much Ado About Nothing Left)’
  10. ‘One Perfect Sunrise’ (Radio Edit)

  1. ‘Omen’
  2. ‘Choice’
  3. ‘The Naked And The Dead’
  4. ‘Sad But True’
  5. ‘Style’
  6. ‘Funny Break (One Is Enough)’
  7. ‘The Girl With The Sun In Her Head’
  8. ‘Remind’ (Live From New York)
  9. ‘Lush’ (Herve’s ‘Tree And Leaf’ Remix)
  10. ‘Impact’

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