Partly Faithful announce new guitarist

By July 31, 2012 July 3rd, 2016 London, News

London post-punk act Partly Faithful (featuring Ed Banshee of York goth rock band The Screaming Banshee Aircrew) have announced their new guitarist as Anouska Haze from all-girl punk trio Rubella and indie rockers Exotica. She says: “I’m really excited to be joining Partly Faithful and am looking forward to bringing a new energy to the band. I’m also hoping to add more sonic depth to the songs, more chaos, more delicateness, more emotion and more severity!” Anouska will also be contributing to backing vocals.

Recently, the band have recently played a handful of shows with guest musicians Murray “Muzz” Fenton from Artery and Steve Williams from Christian Death. Anouska’s appointment follows the departure of Gemma Thompson who left Partly Faithful earlier in the year to concentrate on her work with Savages.

Partly Faithful will be self-releasing their second EP ‘The Beehive’ on 1 October, 2012

For more information visit the official Partly Faithful website.