Slipknot ready new live DVD

By August 20, 2010 September 13th, 2016 London

Slipknot are set to release a new live DVD featuring their Download Festival performance from 2009 along with a number of extras including music videos. The DVD will be titled ‘(sic)nesses‘ and it will be available on September 28.



On stage is Slipknot in its most natural state and ‘(sic)nesses’ puts you in the front row. 30 cameras were on hand to capture every angle as the nine-piece motored through their catalogue. The lenses also caught the fans on film, who are just as crucial an element of a Slipknot show as the band members themselves.

‘(sic)nesses’ is one of the final major performances from founding member Paul Gray, who tragically passed away in May 2010. While initially unintended, the concert is a testament to the legacy of Gray and fans can enjoy a lasting glimpse of the bassist doing what he loved most.

Additionally, the DVD also includes a 45-minute behind the scenes documentary created by band percussionist Clown, as well as all four music videos from the ‘All Hope Is Gone‘ album cycle.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. ‘742617000027’

2. ‘(sic)’

3. ‘Eyeless’

4. ‘Wait and Bleed’

5. ‘Get This’

6. ‘Before I Forget’

7. ‘Sulfur’

8. ‘The Blister Exists’

9. ‘Dead Memories’

10. ‘Left Behind’

11. ‘Disasterpiece’

12. ‘Vermillion’

13. ‘Everything Ends’

14. ‘Psychosocial’

15. ‘Duality’

16. ‘People=Shit’

17. ‘Surfacing’

18. ‘Spit it Out’

Also included will be ‘Audible Visions Of (sic)nesses‘ – A 45 minute film directed by Shawn Crahan (Clown), that captures Slipknot on the road and behind the scenes, during the ‘All Hope Is Gone‘ cycle.

There will also be a number of the band’s latest music videos included and also a making of for production of ‘Snuff’.

1. ‘Psychosocial’

2. ‘Dead Memories’

3. ‘Sulfur’

4. ‘Snuff’

Making Of:


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