The Membranes reform for ATP

By August 18, 2009 September 13th, 2016 London

The Membranes, the eighties post-punk noisenik band fronted by John Robb, have been asked to reform for All Tomorrows PartiesThe Nightmare Before Christmas gig on December 4 by hosts My Bloody Valentine. The band who took a break in 1990 have accepted the offer from the band that supported them in the late eighties.


The band were formed in Blackpool in 1977 by the 16-year-old John Robb and a couple of younger friends. Fired by punk rock and the DIY ethic they created their own idiosyncratic, dislocated, very noisy music that coalesced with their third single, 1984’s ‘Spike Milligan’s Tape Recorder’ and the follow up ‘Death To Trad Rock’ EP.

The Membranes‘ back catalogue will be remastered and re-released to commemorate this event and they are looking at festival offers.

For more information visit the official ATP website.