Memorial T-shirt released by the Sophie Lancaster Foundation

By August 20, 2010 September 9th, 2016 Manchester

This year, August 24, will mark the three-year anniversary of the tragic and brutal attack that lead to, 20-year-old, Sophie Lancaster’s death. To mark the anniversary artist Rob Maltby, Sophie’s boyfriend, has designed a T-shirt to celebrate Sophie’s individuality and the “fantastical” nature of her style and personality. The shirts are available now and have been worn by Enter Shikari and The King Blues among many others as a show of support.


It is hoped that on the August 24, people will upload pictures of themselves showing support for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube with their bracelets or shirts on.

Sophie and Rob’s story has gained a great amount of support and now Coronation Street’s Julie Hesmondhalgh, who plays Hayley Cropper in the show, has become involved in the foundation. “I am a mother myself and I was horrified to hear about the incident and how they were attacked just because they looked ‘different’.

Through sales of this T-shirt we can help get Sophie’s message seen: Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere. In my own way I am hoping to help the foundation. In 2011, together with my husband, Ian Kershaw, a writer for TV, radio and theatre, we plan to launch a North West creative writing in competition in memory of Sophie, who herself was a gifted writer.”

In memory of Sophie, and to promote respect and understanding of subcultures; The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, which was set up by Sophie’s mother to change attitudes in society about subcultures and promote tolerance, is urging people to wear this unique T-shirt; this will allow people to show their support of the foundation, and tell the world, “it’s okay to be different”.

Rob’s used his creativity to design a T-shirt that celebrates “the weird” and speaks out against prejudice and intolerance. “The design of this T-shirt celebrates the fantastical, within oneself and others”. He says, “It’s all about expanding the mind; just because something’s a bit weird, and doesn’t make much sense, doesn’t mean that it has no right to exist

Rob aims to evoke hope, faith and anger through his designs. With this in mind, this T-shirt, which depicts a beautiful orchid with a sinister twist, needs to communicate the support and awareness that the foundation needs to help people understand subcultures and people who choose to express themselves “differently”.

These T-shirts are available to buy now for £15.00 at this link. All proceeds will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation to fund raising awareness and encouraging tolerance and understanding.

For more information visit the official website.